Testimonials for Coastal Caretakers Property Maintenance

Read about other seniors who were able to avoid a nursing home and remain safely in their own Port Jefferson or Garden City home with a little help from Coastal Caretakers Property Maintenance.

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His care for seniors is evident in his life experience

I have known Bruce Matters for several years in senior business networking groups that we both belong to. He is an active member who always steps up to help out at events and projects that we are working on. His care for seniors is evident in his life experience in the healthcare field and his passion for Coastal Caretakers.

-Kathleen in East Setaukey, NY

Deep compassion for others

The vision Bruce Matters has for Coastal Caretakers comes from a pure, sincere intention to care for others in need, especially our world’s aging population and their families. Bruce wants to provide a service that gives families peace of mind. What could be kinder than that? He has dedicated his life these past ten years to researching the needs of the aging population, identifying services and resources to help keep their homes in safe, working order, and developing a marketing strategy to encourage investors and entrepreneurs to get involved in order to help carry out his enthusiastic vision to support our senior population which is growing by the day. Bruce is on to something big, but what impresses me most is that he is grounded in, and driven by, a deep compassion for others and a determination to actually do something to benefit those in need. I know Bruce will find the right partners to help turn his vision into reality very soon!

-K. Perniciaro

Milda’s Story: Waterworks

Meet Milda. She’s an independent senior who enjoys aging in place in the home she’s lived in for decades. One night, Milda got up to use the bathroom. She washed her hands, threw the hand towel in the sink, and went back to bed—never realizing that she forgot to turn off the water. By the next morning, three floors of her home were flooded, with tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Milda knows she’s still healthy and mobile, but this incident made her realize that she’s getting to an age where she could use a little help. Open to any solutions that would let her remain in her home, Milda and her son contacted Coastal Caretakers. The first idea was to install Flow Logic, a sensor that notifies Milda when the water has been running for longer than normal. It also shuts the main water line off to prevent flooding and the ensuing home damage.

For additional peace of mind, Milda and her son opted for the Coastal Caretakers weekly home safety check and a monthly maintenance plan that will take care of her lawn as well as minor home maintenance. Thanks to simple fixes from Coastal Caretakers, Milda can continue to live safely and comfortably in the home she loves.

–Michael from Amagansett, NY

Bruce’s professional approach was reassuring…

We hired Bruce Matters to look in on my aging mother a few times weekly and to look after her large old house. Bruce’s professional approach was reassuring. He went through the building and grounds and provided a list of things that needed immediate attention and a list of suggestions for making the house more user friendly for my mother as she grew older. His friendliness and positive feedback during the time he worked for us was always a pleasure. He truly loves working with families and has a resume that speaks volumes about his expertise.

—Hilary, South Fork