Meet Milda. She’s an independent senior who enjoys aging in place in the home she’s lived in for decades. One night, Milda got up to use the bathroom. She washed her hands, threw the hand towel in the sink, and went back to bed—never realizing that she forgot to turn off the water. By the next morning, three floors of her home were flooded, with tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Milda knows she’s still healthy and mobile, but this incident made her realize that she’s getting to an age where she could use a little help. Open to any solutions that would let her remain in her home, Milda and her son contacted Coastal Caretakers. The first idea was to install Flow Logic, a sensor that notifies Milda when the water has been running for longer than normal. It also shuts the main water line off to prevent flooding and the ensuing home damage.

For additional peace of mind, Milda and her son opted for the Coastal Caretakers weekly home safety check and a monthly maintenance plan that will take care of her lawn as well as minor home maintenance. Thanks to simple fixes from Coastal Caretakers, Milda can continue to live safely and comfortably in the home she loves.

–Michael from Amagansett, NY